a.Monthly data for new electricity connections (Industrial and Commercial Consumers) provided in the State

2.Data Regarding total duration and frequency of outages
3.Ensuring the total outage cap and Discom Compensation
4.Tariff information
5.Number of documents required for obtaining LT and HT electricity connection
6.Approved list of contractors for the inspection of internal installations
7.Fixed cost estimation to obtain HT Service Connection
8.HT Online application Submission,Payment and tracking of status

Service connection within 7 days for industry up to 112 KW(No Right of Way required).

Service connection within 15 days for industry up to 112 KW (for RoW cases)

Extension of supply to LT Industries industry up to 112 KW

10.Allow third parties to verify authenticity of electricity connections
11.Planned outages-Details
Save-energy1 Energy / Electricity Saved is Energy ProducedSave-energy2 Energy conservation, a key to sustainable developmentSave-energy3 Energy is in limited supply, Use it wiselySave-energy4 Turn off lights and equipments when not in useSave-energy5 Save energy for benefit of self and nation   Save-energy1 Install RCD to safeguard life from Electrical Accidents