NameCapacityEstimate cost   (in Rs.)Funding AgencyProgramme of commissioning
Thermal Power Projects
1x600 MW2475.00 Crores (EPC Cost)Financial tie up is made with REC by M/s  BHELCommercial Operation Declaration on 20.3.2014
1x600 MW2211.105 Crores (EPC Cost)M/s RECCommercial Operation Declaration on 08.05.2014
1x600 MW3114.71 Crores (EPC Cost)M/s PFCCommercial Operation Declaration on 12.10.2013
2x660 MW7688 CroresM/s PFCThe project is expected to be commissioned for Unit 1 on 31.08.2020 and Unit 2 on 31.10.2020.
1x660 MW8364.3 CroresM/s PFC
The project is expected to be commissioned in 2022-23.
1X800 MW6376 CroresM/s REC
The project is expected to be commissioned in   2019-20.
2X800 MW12,778 CroresM/s BHEL(For BTG)
The project is expected to be commissioned in  2022-23.
2X660 MW10615 CroresM/s BHEL ( Complete Project) M/s. ITD Cementation India Limited ( Captive Coal Jetty)
The project is expected to be commissioned in  2021-2022.
Hydro Power Projects
2X2 MW75 CroresM/s PFC11-09-2013 & 09-10-2013 respectively
2x1.25 MW57.07 CroresM/s PFCUnit-I & Unit II Synchronized on 01.03.2016, 29.02.2016 respectively
2x5 MW185.81 CroresTANGEDCOUnit-I & Unit II Synchronized on 29.05.2015, 02.07.2015 respectively.
2x5 MW187.61 CroresTANGEDCOUnit I & II synchronised on 26.10.2012 & 29-10-2012 respectively.
4x 125 MW1831.29 CroresRECThe project is expected to be commissioned on 2022-23.
Joint Venture Projects
3x500 MW10080.50 CroresM/s REC29/11/2012 - unit-1
25/08/2013 - unit-2
26/02/2015 - unit-3
2x500 MW7293.48 CroresBank of Baroda consortium18/06/2015 - Unit -1
29/08/2015 - Unit-2

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